Our Philosophy

Change and Improvement. These two ideas form our core values and reasons to exist. At SAKER we believe that things can be improved and that the world should enjoy a continuous improvement as seen by any measure.

We keep a sharp focus on those values while we strive to provide superior products and outstanding service to our customers. In doing so great emphasis is placed on the following concepts, and we mean it, every single of our product offerings is engineered from the inside-out with these in mind:

Safety. Operator and downstream equipment safety is a serious issue especially when high voltages are thrown into the mix. Thus we have designed our products to be as safe as possible when limiting working conditions appear and even when man made errors are present.

Reliability. High Voltage is used in equipments and facilities where maintaining 100% uptime is critical. We are aware of that and that many downstream services and installations depend upon the continuous supply of energy. Thus our products are designed with ample security coefficients and we run a variety of tests during production. Each unit delivered goes through a burn-in process to detect early infant mortality previous to final delivery.

TrueIsol. Our core technology implemented in each product. A total true electrical isolation is created in between the high voltage areas and the user-end low voltage side. No transformers with limited withstands, no optocouplers, no resistive insulation, just plain total true isolation that creates unmatched benefits and technical improvements aside from personnel and equipment safety.